Learn New Skills

Remember that legendary scene in The Matrix when Neo is getting Kung Fu Lessons downloaded into his brain? Here’s the youtube for a quick reminder.

Within 10 seconds he knows all the skills, but is rusty when it comes to actually fighting with Morpheus. Everything that happened in this movie is possible. WE LIVE IN THAT WORLD NOW.

I’ve downloaded ebooks on persuasion, online entrepreneurship, how to read faster, how to use a Olympus DLSR camera. Everything is available now. There are no excuses, except the willingness needed to hustle and do it. It definitely takes more than 10 seconds, yes. But one week is all you really need to master editing movies using Imovie – thats how long it took me. To be above average at Final Cut Pro probably takes a little longer. But first you must have that thirst for knowledge and go through a little pain to learn those new skills.


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