Rogers doesn’t get it

I’ve recently came to the realization that my 3 year contract with Rogers (Canadian Wireless company) has come to an end. Now I can finally get an Iphone! However my happiness lasted about 10 seconds when I realized the lack of options for us Canadian Iphone lovers. Were getting ripped off big time people. Check out the below chart, courtesy of Andy Peatling.


The costs are based on Iphone 3G in 2008, so there are some adjustments for the 3GS, but it remains roughly the same – obscene prices. I mean only 400 mb data? THAT is the WHOLE POINT OF GETTING THE IPHONE – to use the amazing online apps!!! Feel like banging my head in mirth.

I also a big fan of shoddy service. Why didn’t they inform me my contract was over back in July of this year? Why should they I suppose. They can do whatever they want in Canada. Rogers has exclusive rights for the Iphone and thus have been maximizing revenues off Canadians the past 2 years. However, now there is upcoming competition with Telus and Bell getting rights to sell the Iphone.

What Rogers doesn’t get is users are less likely to switch if the customer service is great and if the prices are reasonable. With the economic slowdown they could have easily secured there market share by not charging such high prices and lack of service. Too late now Rog. As soon as Bell and Telus or any future competitor comes out with a better plan – sayonara.


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