watching TV all night long?

coolest library in the world, photo: Andrew Moore

Maybe you should stop watching LOST or a show featuring 20 somethings arguing over a guy or whatever  new mesmerizing show that is on television these days. Your wasting your most precious resource: TIME.

I say this to people who desperately want to get a job, yet argue they have nothing of value to provide to an employer. I wonder why!!  Starting reading useful information. Not just interesting, it has to be useful, that will make you take action. There is a lot of great interesting information out there (the newspaper, most magazines), but that only drains you from whats important. Whats a great resource for useful information? Try the PMBA Reading List. Does the information give you strategies on how to apply it to your situation? Then it is useful! You want to be a writer one day for a company you admire? Maybe start reading all the best books in that industry to have some level of mastery on it.

If a copywriter with 30 years of experience writes a book about magazine advertising, and you buy the book, you can learn in about two days of reading what it took her thirty years to accumulate! How amazing is that?! That is the greatest bargain of all time.


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  1. 1 always a student « nishant mehrotra Trackback on September 12, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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