living in a bubble

hot rocks (credit: dwhartwig)

I feel like a  lot of these big companies are living in self delusion.

When all the media in the world is focused on a disaster, you can’t pretend nothing is happening.  You have to fess up to it. Be open to criticism. Kinda of hard when your brought up in a culture that doesn’t care for anyone outside your bubble. Out of mind, out of sight.

Until now.

It’s not some fad to be socially responsible, it’s expected. The companies that get this will survive. The dinosaurs that pretend everything is alright, will make a lot of noise, then disappear.  It all reminds me of a chapter in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush it. In Chapter 9, the title is “Best Marketing Strategy Ever”. It’s only 1 page long and he writes one word: CARE.  People who really care are the ones that win in the long run. I love that. Sometimes you gotta fake it, because its expected. But you can only fake it for so long, eventually someone will see through the bullshit.


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