always learning

That’s what all we are: amateurs. We don’t live long enough to be anything else.” -Charlie Chaplin

I feel lot of the time when growing up we build up this mystique in our heads of what its like to be in a certain profession. We build this up into such lofty heights that we forget that these “pros” were once amateurs too. They were ordinary people like you and me.  A little talent and luck ( a lot)  help, but there is nobody at the top of there game just because they were the chosen ones.

And ‘the more you know the less you know’ totally rings true. Cos a real person of wisdom would know that they don’t know everything yet. You can desire to know everything, but you simply can’t know everything! You can’t predict everything correctly all the time! I mean we’ve seen what economic forecasting has done for us. It’s now made astrology seem respectable!

So what I am saying is just because you finished university or college or whatever doesn’t mean you stop learning. I don’t mean by books or teachers either.  Keep observing and questioning, and then experimenting. You can learn from anybody and from anything.


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