no competition

I was at the auto shop the other day and they were arguing with a customer about a quote for a job. The auto shop was refusing to give him a quote,  worried he would then compare it somewhere else and get a better deal. They said to him that that you might find another place cheaper for 10 dollars, but it won’t be the same quality!

Why not let the customer be the judge of this? The auto shop was worried that by their prices being compared that they would definitely lose out. Perhaps because they’re insecure? Yes.  If there is nothing unique, nothing interesting about your business that sets you apart from any other auto parts company,  such as by having godlike service, then why would someone pay you 10, 20 or 100 bucks more? You wouldn’t feel insecure about giving quotes if that was the case!

If your product isn’t  personal or designed by you, then there definitely will be someone who will slash the price.  Eventually shooting their and your business to the ground. A race to the bottom.


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