less is more!!

be like water

Less is more. Less is More.

Its getting quite scary how this philosophy rings true in so many facets of life. I was flipping through the awesome Paradox of Choice recently, which basically explains we feel worse when given too many choices.

For example, when given free samples of jams in a store, 30% of people exposed to 6 jams bought a jar.  Only 3% of people exposed to 24 jams bought a jar.

Sounds totally count intuitive doesn’t it?  The fact that some choice is good doesn’t mean that more choice is better. More options you entertain makes every new option seem less and less attractive. There is beauty in good enough, instead of only seeking the best!  (people who constantly change tv channels are really annoying).

So why not make it easier for the customer and reduce the choices?

This would make a better shopping experience for the customer, because the decisions would require less effort, it would lessen making mistakes, and reduce this massive regret after buying it!

Making less, also allows you to change fast, market to the consumer again, show them you want to change, then change it and present to them again. Faster. Its about creating customers who want to pay for their solutions. And wow them with an amazing product that they want.

Of course how to convey why its so special is important, but a part of that relates to exclusivity. That feeling that there isn’t anywhere else you can find that product or service is very powerful.

This is also why small has the advantage in creating amazing niche products. Big Companies are too bureaucratic to act fast and just give the most choice (generic products).  Apple is the prime example of a small company that can make profits that dwarf the 20th century ‘factory business.


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