thick value

Man,  another reason to love Apple.

I don’t know if it just coincidence, but I recently just bought a new macbook pro and was left  wondering…  what the hell to do with my ol’ imac desktop from 2005?!  Well seconds later Apple emails me this genius. RECYCLE AND GET A GIFT CARD.

This make so much sense for electronics, you use them nicely for 3-4 years and then you want the new thing. That’s how I roll anyways. But then nobody wants it! I could get something out of it through ebay. But this is such a nice alternative.  The recycling makes me feel good, and the gift card brings me back to Apple to buy stuff I’d want.

Is there a way to recycle your old products? Instead of it becoming junk, creating a more sustainable business. Cos that my friends is THICK value.  Apple gives you a solution every step of the process.  That creates loyalty.

I mean they recycle their competitors, the PCs as well, who else does that?!


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