virtual worlds making real money

I caught something on the news the other day that made me laugh. It’s about a gamer who made half a million by selling virtual property.

First few minutes after reading this article I was just thinking what a bunch of nerds, and that the world has truly gone to hell.  Someone making money on something that has no tangible value? Well I guess that depends on what you consider to be valuable.

For example how is it any different than art? The cost to make an oil painting is maybe 500 dollars worth of materials to create, which then sells for thousands. I mean that is real value to someone.  Your NHL hockey tickets is more real than your Pee Wee league hockey ticket, because you put value on it. You pay for the luxury of the BMW, though it does the same thing as a Honda.

So are they nerds with no life? Or highly creative capitalists in finding new ways make money? In a way you have to admire people who go around obstacles, conventional ideas of how to make living. Not that we don’t need the traditional ways, but that isn’t the only path and the guy who made real money from selling a virtual asteroid is a testament to that.

And why not if draws speculators away from real-world markets, where they screw up values of houses.


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