why this restaurant works

Because it doesn’t cater to everyone. It  serves all day breakfast and people dig this restaurant because of that reason. Thats what makes Reds Diner here in Calgary unique. If you want something generic go to Olive Garden. But if you want to give a different experience, then guess what?  You do it different!! That and actually serving better food and service is the way to stand out from the competition. I’d rather go to Melissas’ Breakfast place in Banff than most chain restaurants, cos its known to make good breakfast and has a genuine mountain lodge atmosphere.  And oh here’s another one:

A friend recently posted this wicked spot called Insomnia Cookies in NYC on my fb feed. What makes it so special? It delivers fresh baked cookies at your home until 2.30 at night. Now that is just amazing.  I am getting hungry thinking about it.


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