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lessons from rush hour

I’ve just watched Rush Hour 2 for the 100th time, its a guilty pleasure. I feel there is some important lessons to take from it.  Watch this clip for a refresher!!

One: Acting like a goofball has many rewards! Carter starts singing Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough at this karaoke venue full of gangsters. He then decides to speak some Cantonese and later Lee  has to come in to apologize for his partners lack of foresight. But the girls in the crowd love him for it!

Two: Carter just wants to relax, have fun, get some “mu shu”. While at this massage parlour, Lee points out the man responsible for the Embassy bombing, Ricky Tan.  Carter decides to take matters into his own hands, despite Lee’s warnings.  Taking action even when you’re not ready .  Carter has this ability to not seem flustered by any peril that happens to come his way.

Three:  You can’t beat great chemistry. What other better combination could you choose? Jackie Chan is as vulnerable as ever. His fantastic martial art sequences combined with Chris Tuckers high energy results in something special.  It doesn’t have the most interesting story, but that doesn’t matter because these guys are so much fun to watch. Which leaves me asking,  where has Chris Tucker disappeared off to?