making mistakes

There is something about listening to live concerts. It’s raw, anything can go wrong  – and that’s the allure of it, that something unexpected could happen. Can they turn out a godlike performance? Are they as good as they say in interviews? As they sound on album? If there a proper band they will sound loads better.

I remember back in July 2000, staying up listening to the webcast feed of Oasis Wembley gig in London.   Now this was a rough year for Oasis. Liam broke up with his 1st wife.  Noel left the band briefly, etc.  They played 2 nights, and 1st night was rock solid, Liam in top singing form. But Liam didn’t realize they had a second show to play the next night. This results in a very punk rock performance, much to the dismay of Noel.  Noel jokes to the crowd this is what happens when your brother gets smashed the night before with a Spice Girl.

What does this have to do with business? Making mistakes, fixing it and apologizing done properly can be awesome. It gives you a chance to make amends, and take responsibility even if it’s not entirely your fault.

I mean it has to be sincere. And you know what will happen? They will tell 10 more people saying how this company went out of its way to make sure the issue was resolved. Not to say don’t do a good job every time.  When a band plays a shit gig or the singer doesn’t turn up, sometimes if there smart, they’ll maybe give all the money back to the fans, apologize and try to make another trip to perform at that city. Fans love that, remember it and tell everyone about it.

The other thing is, its sometimes fun to see the band screw up.  Cos its more interesting as fans to see how they recover from this and start up again.


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