why do you write this blog?

I am sick today, lying in my bed. So here’s a post.

Lately I’ve been getting this question from friends.. “Neesh, can i ask you something? yes anything I usually reply back. Well why do you write all the time on your blog, it’s not like you’re making any money hahaha!! ” Very Funny.

True I haven’t made any money. I haven’t inserted any ads. I actually want to get rid of these weird ads I suddenly see on my blog. Anyone have knowledge to get rid of them?

To get back on subject I did this  to improve my writing, number one. Also to learn and share the little (or lot depending on your experience) I know of marketing and business.  Improve my critical thinking. Be a better man!

For instance, it has indirectly made me better at sales. For example, I was doing some spring cleaning a while back (back in Spring) and found my amazing old 32 GB white 5th Generation Ipod !! This is the version before it went all fancy with Ipod Touch. It was just loaded with the coolest hits of music, like the best music up to 2008ish. Seriously it was awesome for about 3 mins till I realized, I need to sell it. I already bought a replacement one and have an Iphone, this needs to be utilized by someone else.

So I made bet with a friend, that we have still maintained today – who can sell the most on kijiji, craigslist? I put all my copy writing knowledge to the forefront. And it worked.  I sold it for 120 bucks, which I was quite pleased with. The buyer was thrilled too.  I know it may seem like nothing. But it came about from this self study.  

So to make a long story short. There are indirect benefits to all of this. It’s a way to meet interesting people. That would be ideal, but it also keeps me accountable.  See how I’ve progressed. So that’s the lesson I can take from this experiment so far.

Oh and whenever someone only judges you on how much money you make, show them this clip:


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